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Evaluation, Continuation and Regular Attendance


  The student evaluation procedure is designed in conformity with the teaching policies of the University and in line with the nature of the course. The instructor of the course should hold periodic tests. In addition, a mid-term exam is usually given in the 7th week of the main semester and the 4th week of the summer semester during the class periods. A final exam should also be held during the last week of each semester in accordance with the exam schedule issued by the Admission and Registration Deanship.

  Any student who fails to attend the final exam without an acceptable excuse is assigned a “Fail” grade. However, any student who is absent from the exam for a valid reason may submit his case to the Department Council to decide whether or not he would be given the grade of “Incomplete” (IC). The student who is given an IC has to complete the requirements of the course during the following semester. Otherwise his grade is automatically changed into “Fail” (F) grade.

  An honors degree is granted to the student who attains a cumulative average of (4.5) or more at the time of graduation, provided he has not failed in any course taken at the University.

Continuation of Study

   The basis for the continuation of study in the university for a student is to maintain the “Good Grade" which is equivalent to a cumulative average of 2.75.

Regular Attendance

  Student must attend at least 75% of the total number of classes. If a student is absent for more than 25% in any course without an acceptable reason he will be denied attendance in the remaining classes of this course and its final exam and will be given the “Denial Grade” (DN). The student can submit a request to the Academic Affairs of the Faculty to attend the final exam only if he can provide documentation to express his legitimate excuse. At the same time his absence should not exceed 50% of the course.

  Sick leave is only accepted on the basis of a medical report issued by the Medical Center of the University or one endorsed by it. The sick leave should be submitted within 5 working days of the student’s absence, otherwise it has to be submitted to the college vice-dean for approval.

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