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Student Activities

The first article of the basic statutes of the King Abdulaziz University has set five main goals amongst which is: To Promote cultural, sporting, social, and scientific activities.  This goal is to be pursued for the well being of Saudi society in general and for the university in particular.  The Deanship of Student Affairs in the university collaborates through various committees with various faculties in supervising the extra-curricular activities aiming to achieve the following objectives:

-    To participate in developing the integrity and balanced personality of the university students.

-    To support Islamic education and to direct students to commit themselves to the Islamic code of conduct.

-    To develop the talents of the students and improve their capabilities and assist them in acquiring useful knowledge and experience.

-   To get the students accustomed to participating in social activities, to develop brotherly relations among them, and to develop a harmonious relationship based on mutual respect among themselves and their professors.

-    To provide students with means of comfort, convenience and assurance.

-    To educate the students about the roles they have to play in their society and to enforce in them the feelings of belonging to their country.

In recognition of the importance of student activities and their role in the bringing up of the youthful students, the university rules dictate that the university Rector should act as the General Chairperson of the Higher Committee for Student Activities, with the Dean of Student Affairs acting as his Deputy. The Faculty of Engineering takes care of, and supports, the student activities, through the following committees with specific purpose assigned to each of them:


1. Committee for Promotion of Islamic Awareness

This Committee strives to help develop students' understanding of Islamic theology and law, to enforce practical commitment to the Islamic code of conduct, to strengthen the association with the glorious Qur’an through memorization, recitation and mastering the rules for perfect recitation, to strengthen the Islamic brotherly relations, and to prepare students to face foreign ideologies.  The Committee for Promotion of Islamic Awareness organizes lectures, meetings and trips, which are usually of an educational nature. The committee also participates in the activities organized by the General Committee for Promotion of Islamic Awareness and it also takes part in the central programs arranged by the Deanship of Student Affairs.


2. Committee for Cultural Activities

This Committee aims at the development and improvement of student talents and potentials in cultural, artistic and literary fields. It also tries to develop creativity and inventiveness within students to enable them to acquire general knowledge and to lead them to interact wisely with different cultures of the world.

The committee organizes lectures, cultural, scientific and literary meetings, trips as well as scientific and cultural visits.  It also takes part in the activities of the University Central Committee of Cultural Activity, and in the central activities of the Deanship of Student Affairs.  These activities are numerous and diverse and include the following:

-      Hobby Clubs (e.g. Photography, Theatre, Arabic Calligraphy, Drawing)

-      Literary Clubs (Poetry, Novels, Short Stories and Plays)

-      Cultural Competitions, Scientific Research Competitions and Technical hobbies.

-      Cultural and Artistic Exhibitions

-      Social Club.


3. Committee for Social Activities

This Committee tries to help students develop adaptation, strengthen the relationships between students and professors, realize proper social life for the youth in the light of Islamic ethics and principles, bring about a spirit of cooperation, friendship and intimacy, establish avenues for appropriate and useful entertainment and, finally, to train students to do and give their best with sincerity, self-denial and appreciation of the public interest.

The committee organizes lectures, meetings and social trips and visits.  It participates in social competitions and arranges get-to-know-each-other parties.  It also participates in the activities of its parent committee as well as in the programs of the Deanship of Student Affairs.


4. Committee for Athletic Activities

This Committee attempts to spread knowledge about various sports, promote physical fitness, and facilitate student training and participation in sport competitions.  The aim is to develop perseverance, sport spirit and attitudes, spirit of positive competition, leadership, organization, and collectivism.



Facilities for Sports Activities at the University

The King Abdulaziz University provides several facilities where the students can participate in individual and team sports.  These facilities include:


          -         running track, a jumping domain, and a hall for exertion sports.
-       The physical-training tent. It includes playgrounds for basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis and the flying feather.

-       Playgrounds in the housing units for basketball and tennis.



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